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Review rehearsal

June 13, 2017


WP leaders and end users

Review with the EC

June 14, 2017


WP leaders and end users

Consortium meeting

September 2017


All consortium members

2nd Field Test

November 2017


All consortium members

 Previous Events


Field test SIIP - Lisbon, 29 March 2017

The first field test of the SIIP project was successfully held in Lisbon, Portugal on March 29th 2017.

The field test simulated an international investigation involving the Carabinieri Police (Italy), Polícia Judiciária (Portugal) and the Interpol. During the event, the SIIP system speaker identification capabilities and international info sharing mechanism was demonstrated (based in simulated data) to external guests (Law Enforcement Agencies and policy makers from all Europe).

OCTAVE Project Intermediate Workshop, 9 March 2017

OCTAVE (Objective  Controlfor  Talker  Verification)  is a Project, funded by the E.U. Horizon 2020 Programme, under Grant Agreement #647850, running from June 2015 to July 2017.  

A technical meeting towards the field test in Lisbon was held on January 2017

A panel discussion entitled "How will biometric systems change with the new EU regulation on Data Privacy" at the EAB (European Association for Biometrics) Conference 2016 will take place on 19-20 September in Darmstadt, Germany

SIIP consortium meeting  in Crete, Greece on September 2016

The 2nd period Review with the EC in Brussels in June 2016- During the Review session, the SIIP consortium presented themain results and achievement of the project-The review was very successful

POC (proof of concept event) - Carabinieri:  Italy, May 2016 

Interpol event April 2016 -

SIIP Consortium Meeting: Rome, 17-18 February 2016.

SIIP Consortium Meeting: Vienna, 6-7 October 2015.

"EAB" conference:  Darmstadt, Germany, September 7-8, 2015. The SIIP project was presented and discussed. 

SIIP Review - Period 1:  Pisa, Italy, May-27, 2015.

SIIP 3rd Consortium Meeting:  Budapest, Hungary, March 24-25, 2015.

SIIP Technical Meeting:  Athens, Greece, January 27-28, 2015.

SIIP Consortium Meeting:  Israel, December 1-4, 2014. 

SIIP End Users Workshop:  Lyon, France, October 20-21, 2014.

SIIP Project Meeting:  Martigny, Switzerland, July 21-23, 2014.