Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleSummary


D1.1End-user requirements report and matrix Submitted
D1.2Functional specifications for SIIP system  Submitted
D1.3Technical specifications and other user requirements report Submitted
D1.4Project plan and uses cases definition  
D2.1Interim Report on PbD (Privacy by Design) design and operations Guidelines for audio and voice recognitionDownloadSubmitted
D2.2Procedures for data collection, storage, access, sharing policies, protection, retention and destruction and security measures to prevent improper use   
D2.3 Report and bibliography on Societal aspects of existing voice biometric sensors; Report on societal impact Speaker identification technologies: past, present and future DownloadSubmitted
D2.4Report on audio and voice recognition in the context of Information Ethics and Ethics-based review of pre-existing speakeridentificationDownloadSubmitted
D2.5Report on trends and standards in Privacy and Data Protection legislation; status of legislation
and practices regarding Lawful Intercept and monitoring procedures
D2.6Special Clause 15 compliance documents  
D2.7 Report on Citizens’ perceptions and attitudes to speakeridentification technologies; Checklist of issues for orienting further developments of voice recognition technologies  
D2.8Final Report on PbD (Privacy by Design) and operations Guidelines for integrated audio and voice recognition  
D3.1 Architecture Plan, specifications and report on state of the art key technologies Submitted
D3.2SIIP detailed architecture for the two deployment modes (LEA Headquarters and tactical)  
D3.3SIIP Information Sharing Center Architecture  
D3.4Architecture non functional aspects and SIIP information flow & Interfaces  
D4.1Report on the initial version of WP4 modules  
D4.2Detailed report on Fusion of Simulated Lawful intercepted voice call content and metadata  
D4.3Report on the final version of WP4 modules  
D4.4Final report on Fusion of Simulated Lawful intercepted voice call content and metadata  
D5.1 First version of voiceprint system (including only tasks 5.1 and 5.2) Submitted
D5.2Second version of voiceprint system (including tasks 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5)  
D5.3Final version of voiceprint system (including task 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7)  
D6.1Functionality description of voice-processing modules in SIIP  
D6.2Description and implementation of content analysis techniques  
D6.3Functional hierarchical architecture of data fusion  
D6.4Implementation of low-level voice processing modules in SIIP   
D6.5Intelligent fusion integrating low-level processing SIIP modules – final release  
D7.1SIIP portal design document Submitted
D7.2Portal prototype  
D7.3 SIIP Information Sharing Center (SISC)  
D7.4 SIIP Mediation and Alerting Module  
D7.5 The integrated SIIP portal and Testing and validation report, Quality assurance report  
D8.1 Description of the integration toolkit  
D8.2Final technical specification and Integration Plan  
D8.3 Development procedure and integration guidelines   
D8.4 Integrated System prototype 1 (PoC)  
D8.5 Integrated System prototype 2  
D8.6 Integrated System prototype 3  
D9.1 Validation and Performance Testing Methodology  
D9.2 Validation and Performance Testing In-Progress POC Report  
D9.3 Validation and Performance Testing Final Report and Recommendations  
D9.4 Field Testing and End-User Training final report  
D10.1 SIIP First Workshopsummary report Submitted
D10.2 Dissemination, use plan and standardization activities  
D10.3 SIIP Explanatory Movie  
D10.4 SIIP Second Workshopsummary report  
D10.5 Final Exploitation Plan Report  
D10.6 SIIP Third Workshopsummary report  
D10.7 POC and Field tests- Summary movie  
D11.1 Quality Management Plan Submitted
D11.2 Internal website  Submitted
D11.3 Management Report #1 Submitted
D11.4 Management Report #2  
D11.5Management Report #3  
D11.6Management Report #4