SIIP - Speaker Identification Integrated Project


Funded by the European Commission, SIIP research project will develop a break-through Suspect Identification solution based on a novel Speaker Identification (SID) engine and Global Info Sharing Mechanism (GISM) which will identify unknown speakers that are captured in lawfully intercepted calls, in recorded crime or terror arenas and in any other type of speech medium and channel (including social-media).

SIIP advanced SID engine will fuse multiple speech analytic algorithms such as: Voiceprints recognition, Gender-ID, Age detection, Language& Accent ID, Keyword & Taxonomy Spotting and Voice cloning detection.

This fusion will result in highly reliable and confident detection, keeping the False-Positives & False-Negatives to the minimum and improving the judicial admissibility of the Speaker Identification Technology.


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Interpol covers the first SIIP meeting at Lyon, France.
June 13, 2014

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